Meetings and minutes

Summary minutes relating to recent meetings of the British Pharmacopoeia Commission and its Expert Advisory Groups, Panels of Experts and Working Parties are provided below.

The summary minutes have been prepared on the basis that no personal, commercial or otherwise confidential information will be included.

British Pharmacopoeia Commission

Expert Advisory Groups

ABS (Antibiotics)

BIO (Biological and Biotechnological Products)

HCM (Herbal and Complementary Medicines)

MC1 (Medicinal Chemicals 1)

MC2 (Medicinal Chemicals 2)

MC3 (Medicinal Chemicals 3)

NOM (Nomenclature)

PCY (Pharmacy)

PCN (Pharmacy and Nomenclature)

ULM (Unlicensed Medicines)

Panels of Experts

MIC (Microbiology)

Working Parties

ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products)

AQbD (Analytical Quality by Design)

BIO-DPS (Alternative approached for Documentary and Physical Standards for Biotechnological Products)

DNA (DNA Identification Techniques)