Environmental sustainability information pack – now published

Date Published: 7 March 2024

The British Pharmacopoeia (BP) Secretariat has developed an environmental sustainability information pack as a first step towards encouraging users to adopt more sustainable practices. The environmental sustainability information pack provides an overview of key resources and case studies to help you identify what changes you can make to your laboratory practices and quality control testing methods to reduce your impact on the environment.

This information pack has not been uniquely developed by the BP Secretariat but is a collection of valuable suggestions from several reputable sources and many BP users. We would like to thank everyone who contributed and supported the creation of this information pack. 

Previously, we had put out a call for contributions to develop a sustainability guidance document. We have changed the name of this document from “guidance” to “information pack” to highlight that it contains non-mandatory considerations for how to reduce your laboratory's environmental impact.

The new, non-mandatory, environmental sustainability information pack is free to download and will support users to make sustainability changes whilst maintaining the quality of medicines produced and compliance with the BP.

Through convening sustainability information in this way, the BP is aiming to inspire collaboration and enable the pooling of ideas to support the sector in implementing greener practices. Please do share any feedback or contributions and case studies for a future iteration of this document by emailing BPsustainability@mhra.gov.uk 

From the Secretary & Scientific Director, British Pharmacopoeia Commission, Steve Hoare:

“It has been said elsewhere the response to climate change is a race in which we must all be winners. The MHRA wishes to play its part as an enabler of sustainable practices in the design and supply of medical products, where there is no conflict with patient and public safety. Working with stakeholders and allied fields, the BP has created a resource that showcases flexibility in method development and signposts the great work done elsewhere. We hope that you find it useful, and work with us to develop further tools and resources for the laboratory testing community.”    

To register and download your copy of the environmental sustainability information pack, please see our Environmental hub space.