Technical advisers to the BPC

The BPC appoints experts to the supporting expert advisory groups (EAGs), panels of experts and working parties. Members are from the pharmaceutical industry (innovative and generic), the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the NHS and academia. A list of members is included in the current edition of the British Pharmacopoeia under Membership of Expert Advisory Groups, Panels of Experts and Working Parties.

All members are required to comply with the MHRA Code of Practice on Identifying, Declaring and Managing Interests. Summary minutes of these meetings are publicly available.

Members are usually appointed for a 4 year term and a full membership review is carried out every
4 years. Vacancies arise from time to time and if you would like to register your interest in becoming a member of any of the EAGs, panels or working parties please send us a brief CV and covering letter to   

The expert advisory groups and panels of experts are generally focused on the production of monographs for medicines. They work through meetings and/or by correspondence and are split up into specific areas.

Working parties have similar compositions and practices as EAGs/panels but are established for a specific time period and focus on a specialised area.

Expert advisory groups

  • ABS: Antibiotics
  • BIO: Biological and Biotechnological Products
  • HCM: Herbal and Complementary Medicines
  • MC1: Medicinal Chemicals
  • MC2: Medicinal Chemicals
  • MC3: Medicinal Chemicals
  • PCN: Pharmacy and Nomenclature
  • ULM: Unlicensed Medicines

Panels of experts

  • BLP: Blood Products
  • CX: Excipients
  • IGC: Inorganic and General Chemicals
  • MIC: Microbiology
  • RAD: Radioactive Materials
  • VET: Veterinary Medicines
  • VIP: Veterinary Immunological Products

Working parties

  • ATMP: Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products
  • AQbD: Analytical Quality by Design
  • BIO-DPS: Alternative Approaches for Documentary and Physical Standards for Biotechnological Products