Changes to SUL Subscriptions

Changes to the British Pharmacopoeia Single-user Licence subscriptions

We’ve made some changes to Single-user Licences (SULs) which restrict the number of users accessing the BP Online on from one SUL account.  

These changes, which were implemented on 4 July 2019, enhance the security of the BP Online as only authorised users are able to access the publication with a registered SUL account. 

Customers affected by this change

  • Single-user Licence (SUL) holders

Customers unaffected by this change

  • Any account holders registered on for the purpose of purchasing BPCRS only (i.e. no access to BP Online)
  • Multi-user Licence (MUL) holders

What this change means?

A maximum of two active registrations (referred to as browser/device registrations) will be allowed for one SUL account. A browser registration is a unique cookie created by your device and the web browser used to access the site. 

These two active registrations could be a combination of the same device (e.g. laptop, PC or tablet) using two different web browsers (such as Chrome or IE) or two devices using the same web browser.   

With each log in attempt, the system will check that the browser registration is valid for that account before the user can access the BP Online.

A note on terms and conditions

Authorised access to the BP Online being restricted to a single named user for SULs is in line with the current Terms and Conditions for Single User Access and the Acceptable Use Policy on

Enabling and retaining cookies on your device

Cookies need to be enabled and retained on your device(s) so that the authentication system can verify the browser registration each time you log in.

Having cookies enabled and retained on your browser has always been a requirement for using the BP Online, so this should already be in place for existing users. 

The use of these cookies is in line with the current Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy  

Changing the browser or device used to access the site

Each time a new device or web browser is used to access the site a different cookie is created, and a new browser registration will be created.

The registration will need to be given a name (to make it easy to identify).



An SUL has a maximum allowance of two active browser registrations. A warning message will appear if this allowance is exceeded.  



When a third browser registration is detected a message will appear allowing a one-off opportunity to disable one of the existing browser registrations on the account in favour of the new registration.

You don’t have to disable any of the existing registrations if you don’t want to, just log in using one of them instead.     

If you try to log in using a disabled registration or another new registration is detected, then the registrations limit exceeded message will appear again. 

‘Evergreen’ browsers and changes to cookies

‘Evergreen’ browsers (or browsers which update automatically) will update as normal and not affect the cookies. The verification system will work with browsers that update automatically, such as Chrome, without affecting users’ browser registrations.

If you manually update a browser, such as changing the version of Internet Explorer used, then your unique cookie will not be recognised as an existing, valid registration by the authentication system.

You will need to record this as a new browser registration or make a ‘one off’ change to the two active browsers, unless you have already used your allowance of permitted changes. In this case you will need to contact Customer Services who will be able to assist you further.

Next steps and guidance

If you need more than two browser registrations to cover your requirements, then additional SULs or a Multi-user Licence can be purchased.  

For more information on MULs please call our support team on +44 (0)1603 696976 or email them at

If you have any queries regarding access to your SUL subscription account 

Contact Customer Services e-support team on +44 (0)333 200 2425 or