BP Sustainability Guidance – Call for Contributions

The British Pharmacopoeia (BP) is looking for people to help input to the development of sustainability guidance. This guidance is focused on reducing the environmental impacts associated with quality control testing and so predominantly applies to a laboratory setting.

The guidance has not been uniquely developed by the BP but is a collection of suggestions from a number of reputable sources and as such, we are asking for contributors from the sector to shape this work in order for it to be of most value.

The intention is for the guidance to be a useful resource for our users and other relevant professionals to encourage and support the adoption of more sustainable practices where appropriate. Through convening sustainability guidance in this way, the BP is aiming to inspire collaboration and enable the pooling of ideas to support the sector in implementing greener practices.

We are looking for anyone who would be happy to review the draft guidance and/or contribute suggestions or case studies of sustainability changes to laboratory management and testing methods.


If you are interested in being involved, please get in touch with Annie Estlin who is leading this work at: annie.estlin@mhra.gov.uk

We are very grateful for your input in helping us to develop useful sustainability guidance and to raise awareness of positive actions that can be taken to support our journey to net zero.