Shape our ideas for improving tests in BP monographs

As part of continued work to ensure its products and services remain relevant, easy to use and cost-effective, the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) is proposing changes to improve tests used in its monographs and has prepared the following for consultation with users:

  • LC-DAD - Here the BP proposes introducing LC/UV-DAD (Diode Array Detection), also known as photo-diode array (PDA) detection, as a routine identification test option in BP monographs. 
  • LC-PAD - Here the BP proposes introducing LC-PAD (Pulsed Amperometric Detection) in related substances and assay tests where UV detection is not suitable.
  • Expression of related substances limits - Here the BP proposes to begin the process of moving to fully numerical limits in LC and GC related substances tests in BP monographs.

Read more and submit your views

The BP would like your views on each of the proposals by 30 September 2020.

Each proposal includes specific consultation questions. Completed responses should be sent to Comments will be aggregated and used to inform the decisions that BP Commission members make on these proposals. Final outcomes of the consultations and resulting decisions will be published on Email with any questions.