Get more out of the British Pharmacopoeia

Users of the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) recently told us that finding the information they need quickly and easily is important; more than half of daily users said that a quick-start guide would be ‘very valuable’ in getting to grips with what the BP has to offer*. 


We value what our users think of the BP and we want to make sure our work focuses on making each edition more relevant and easier to use than the last.  


This is why we have developed the ‘How to use the BP’ guide: a concise, companion publication that has been designed to help users get more out of the BP. 


We’ve based the How to use the BP guide around the following areas that users have said they need more help with:  

  • complying with the BP and what it entails
  • navigating the BP more effectively
  • following formulated products monograph


As the ‘How to use the BP’ guide is designed to help our users become more familiar with using the BP, it makes an excellent introductory text or training tool for new users. 


The free ‘How to use the BP’ guide is available on our site and can also be downloaded as a printable PDF.


* In a recent survey of 260 users in March 2019, 88% of respondents said ‘ease of use’ was important or very important and 87% said that ‘speed of use’ was important or very important. Fifty-three percent of daily users (22%) rated the ‘Quick-start guide’ as ‘very valuable’.