BPCRS price changes effective from 1 March 2019

Since 2009, we have maintained our current pricing for the BPCRS range of products while also continually investing in new or improved products.

In the last year, for example, as part of our commitment to release new products or develop improvements, we delivered:

  • early availability of our new BPCRS to support the now effective BP 2019 edition
  • improvements in overall stock availability.

Following careful consideration, and to maintain this progress, we have taken the decision to adjust our prices.

The adjusted rates will take effect from 1 March 2019:

  • non-quantitative standards will rise from £97 to £102
  • quantitative standards will rise from £111 to £117

This price increase will allow us to continue to make sure our products are relevant, easy to use, and delivered to the high standard our customers expect from the British Pharmacopoeia.

For more information please visit pharmacopoeia.com/reference-standards