Draft new and revised monographs available for comment

The British Pharmacopeia (BP) is pleased to announce that new and revised draft monographs will be posted on the BP website at regular intervals from 2016.  This is in response to feedback from the Triennial Review of the British Pharmacopoeia Commission and specifically addresses recommendation 8 which states that the BPC and Secretariat should consider draft monograph publication to a specific, predictable timetable, including a deadline for comments.

The timetable for providing comments, including practical evaluation of methods and supporting data, is as follows:

Draft monographs posted

Deadline for comments

1 January

31 March

1 April

30 June

1 July

30 September

1 October

31 December

Please note that while the new timetable is implemented, some texts will need to be circulated to stakeholders directly, outside the dates listed above.