What is the BAN book

The BP also publishes the British Approved Names (BAN) book. The BAN book is published every 5 years and supplements are published annually.

BAN 2022 Main Edition
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Supplement No. 1
ISBN: 9780113230945          £20       Buy Supplement No. 1

Supplement No.2                £20     Buy Supplement No.2
ISBN: 9780113230990




British Approved Names (BAN) are

  • the nonproprietary name or generic name for an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for use in the UK
  • distinctive names for use with medicines in the UK
  • harmonised with the English form of the recommended international nonproprietary name (rINN)

The BAN publication is the official dictionary of drug names for regulatory use in the UK. Each entry includes:

  • the official pronunciation guide
  • systematic name
  • molecular formula
  • molecular structure
  • CAS registry number
  • pharmacological action and/or medicinal use

Apply for a BAN

To apply for a BAN, fill out the BAN application form and send it to bpcom@mhra.gov.uk.