Get more done quickly, easily and with confidence

In recent research, our users told us that keeping track of changes to monographs and other information was important to them*. As part of our work to provide the best possible services and to make sure our products stay relevant, easy to use and cost-effective, we are pleased to release BP Tracked Changes in Beta for our users to explore and test.

BP Tracked Changes in Beta makes it easier to highlight any changes made to our monographs.

  • Only view the most recent monographs, as changes from the previous version are now clearly marked up in one place.
  • Save time when reading through monographs, as clear symbols make it easier to identify different types of changes.
  • Customise what you see by toggling between different levels of information.

This new functionality means users can continue to access our BP quality standards, but get more done, more easily and with confidence.

About Beta

BP Tracked Changes has been released in Beta so that we can make improvements to how it works before a full release later in the year. We want our users to tell us what they like and what they don’t like by completing our Tracked Changes survey


*84% of online user respondents rated Tracked Changes as ‘very important’; or ‘important’ in customer research conducted in March 2019 by OKO on behalf of the British Pharmacopoeia.